Children's Environments Quarterly
Volume 7, Number 3, 1990

Collected Papers


Mary Ann Lang
Sayy Deitz


Creating Environments That Facilitate Independence: the hidden Dependency Trap

Linda K. Stroh
Jeanne M. Brett


Corporate Mobility: After the Move, What Do the Children Think?

Shirley Fisher
Leona Elder
Graham Peacock


Homesickness in a School in the Australian Bush

Deborah E. Ryan


Public Art, Children, and playgrounds: Design of an Earthwork for the Hidden Valley Elementary School Playground

Eva L. Essa
Jeanne M. Hilton
Colleen I Murray


The Relationship Between Weather and Preschooler' Behavior

Robert L. Baker
Birgitte R. Mednick

Protecting the High School Environment as an Island of Safety: Correlates of Student Fear of In-School Victimization

Marion C. Hyson
Gail G. Bollin


Children's Appraisal of Home and Neighborhood Risks: Questions for the 1990's

Kathleen Burklow
Harold D. Fishbein


The Children's Activity Scale

Willem van Vliet


Corporate Mobility and Beyond

Roger M. Downs


The Place of Age in the Mapping of Place

Denis Wood


All Children Are Not 11-Year-Old Boys