Children's Environments Quarterly
Volume 2, Number 3, Fall1985

Images of Environments
A Special Issue In Honor of Kevin Lynch

The Editors To Kevin Lynch

Mary Gauvain


A Legacy of Ideas

Florence C. Ladd


An Interview with Kevin Lynch

Jeff Bishop


An Unrecognized Legacy-
Children, the Environment and Kevin Lynch

Nathan Gale
Sally Doherty
James W. Pellegrino
Reginald G. Golledge


Toward Reassembling the Image

Stephen Kapaln


Cognition and Affect in Environmental Learning

David Stea


From Environmental Cognition to Environmental Design

Andre Dupre
Monica O'Neil-Gilbert


Town and City Children's Macro-Space Cognitive Representation: A Comparative Study

Christopher Spencer
Susan Easterbrook


The Streetwise Child in geography Class

Sally Doherty
James W. Pellegrino


Developmental changes in Neighborhood Scene Recognition

Jack Demick
Alisa Hoffman
Seymour Wapner


Residential Context and Environmental Change as Determinants of Urban Experience