Children's Environments Quarterly
Volume 2, Number 2, Summer 1985

Collected Papers

The Editors Introduction

Gert Groening
Joachim Wolschke


The youth movement of the Weimar Republic and its understanding of nature

Louise Chawla


The place of poetry

Denis Wood


Nothing Doing (extracts)

Gary T. Moore


The designed environment and cognitive development: A brief review of five domains of research

Marianne N. Bloch
Daniel J. Walsh


Young children's activities at home: Age and sex differences in activity, location and social context

James L. Sell


Children and neighborhood environment quality
Reviews and Publications  

We intended to produce a "Collected Papers" issue annually. It gives readers a chance to submit papers on any theme rather than being limited to the themes of our special issues. The subjects of the articles in this issue are self-evident from their titles. We would like, however, to draw your attention to the first article in this collection. No doubt because of the title of our journal we receive very few submissions of articles on adolescents and youth. We hope that the inclusion of this very interesting piece will help to correct this weakness. We also hope that the two articles on the subject of "nature" will help to encourage more articles to be submitted on this theme while not discouraging authors of papers on children and the built environment.