Children's Environments Quarterly
Volume 1, Number 3, Fall 1984

Children and Animals

Miriam O. Westervelt A provocative look at youn people's perceptions of animals

Stephen R. Kellert
Miriam O. Westervelt

Children's attitudes, knowledge and behaviors toward animals
Margadant-van Arcken
"There's a real dog in the classroom?" The relationship between young children and animals
Karen Williams
Aline Euler
What animals teach us
Thomas A. More An analysis of wildlife in children's stories
A. Cordell Perkes The relationship of elementary teachers' apprehension toward animals and their positions on environmental issues
Lauren B. Nethery Children and humane behavior: Are snakes included?
Edward L. Vockell Humane education: The status of current research and knowledge
Don Moore

Animal facilitated therapy: A review

Richard Lattis The new children's zoo
Robin Moore
Herb Wong
Animals on the Washington environmental yard
Carolyn Buker A selected bibliography of research on children and animals
The editors Organizations concerned with people and animals
Joy Goldberg The use of toys with hospitalized children

review by Louise Chawla

The Serious Business of Growing Up: A Study of Children's Lives Outside School by Medrich, E.A. Roizen, J., Rubin, V. and Buckley, S.

review by Louise Chawla

City Building Education: A Way to Learn by Nelson, D with Grimstad, K.