Children's Environments Quarterly
Volume 6, Number 2/3, Fall 1989
Special Double Issue

Environmental Education and Children's Environmental Learning


By the Editor

Mark Blades


Children's Ability to Learn About the Environment From Direct Experience and From Spatial Representations

Lyndal G. Sheat
Ann R. Beer


User Participation-A Design Methodology for School Grounds Design and Environmental Learning

Givonna Axia


Environmental Education and Environmental Change: The Case of Ialy

Aline Euler


A Comprehensive Study of the Effectiveness of a Local Environmental Center's Program for Urban Sixth-Grader's Environmental Knowledge and Attitudes

Eileen Adams


Learning to See

Mary L. Jefferson


Environmental Education: Middle School Teachers' Percetpions

Joan Kean


Environmental Education for Community Action

Sally Doherty
Nathan Gale
James W. Pellegrino
Reginald Golledge


Children's Versus Adults' Knowledge of Places and Distances in a Familiar Neighborhood Environment