Children's Environments Quarterly
Volume 5, Number 4,Winter 1988

Children and Interactive Electronic Environments


By the Editor

Kareen Sheingold
Laura Martin
Babette Moeller


Schooling in the Twenty-first century

Kathleen S. Wilson


The Palenque optical disk prototype: The design of a multimedia discovery-based experience for children

Mitchel Resnick
Stephan Ocko
Seymour Papert


LEGO, Logo and design

James A. Levin
Michael L. Waugh
Gelorge R, Kolopanis


Science instruction on global electronic networks

Denis Newman
Shelley V. Golman


Supporting school work groups with communication technology

Laura M.W. Martin
Maxine Shelley
Mary McGinnis


Microworld to macroworlds: An experiment in conceptual transfer

C. Paul Olson


Computing environments in elementary classrooms