Children's Environments Quarterly
Volume 5, Number 1, Spring 1988

Street Children and Children of Homeless Families

The Editors





Steven C. Russell
Ellen U. Williams


Homeless handicapped children: A special education perspective

Susan Ruddick


Debunking the dream machine: The case of street kids in Hollywood, California

Lauroa Neiman


A critical review of resiliency literature and its relevance to homeless children

Leanne G. Rivline
Lynne C. Manzo


Homeless children in New York
City: A view from the 19th century

Sandra V. Horowitz
Carolyn M. Springer
Gary Kose


Stress in hotel children:
The effects of homelessness on attitudes toward school

Cassie Landers


A cry for help:UNICEF response to street children in the Third World

Shirl Buss


Diamonds in the rough: Children on the edge of skid row

Trudee Able-Peterson


Testimony of Trudee Able-Peterson before the New York State Division for Women: Street Children and AIDS

Susanna Agnelli

Street Children: A growing urban tragedy
Reviewed by: Marilyn Rothenberg

Joan Forrester Sprague

Taking action: A comprehensive approach to housing and woment and children in Massachusetts
Reviewed by:Louise Chawla

Clare Cooper Marcus

Housing as if people mattered: Site guidelines for medium density family housing
Reviewed by:Louise Chawla