Children's Environments
Vol 9, No 2 (1992)

Children's Changing Access to Public Space

Table of Contents

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Child Development Theory and Planning for Neighborhood Play
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (428 KB)]
Kaj Noschis
Children's Freedom and Safety
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (646 KB)]
Mayer Hillman and John Adams
Historical Changes in Children's Access to U.S. Cities: A Critical Review
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (640 KB)]
Sanford Gaster
Children in Public Places: Some Lessons from European Cities
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Henry L. Lennard and Suzanne H. Crowhurst Lennard
Planning for Children in Public Places
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Wren Ware and Sue Cavannagh
The City as a Frame of Development for Children: The Herten Conference
[PDF Full Version (96 KB)]
Dietmar Gorlitz, Hans Joachim Harloff, Jaan Valsiner, Barbara Hinding, Gunther Mey, Ute Ritterfeld, and Richard Schroder
A Demonstration Program and International Design Competition for Community Schoolyards
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (8.14 MB)]
Roger Hart, Cindi Katz, Selim Iltus, and Maria Rosario Mora

Book Reviews

Children of the Cities
[HTML Full Version]
by Jo Boyden
reviewed by Roger Hart
There are No Children Here:The Story of Growing Up in the Other America
[HTML Full Version]
by Alex Kotlowitz
reviewd by Sheridan Bartlett

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