Children, Youth and Environments
Vol. 20, No.2 (2010)
ISSN 1546-2250

Table of Contents


“I’m about to really bring it!” Access Points between Youth Activists and Adult Community Leaders
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (137 KB)]
Ben Kirshner and Kimberly Geil

Young People’s Perspectives on Creating a “Participation-Friendly” Culture
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (113 KB)]
Aarti Subramaniam and Fe Moncloa

Children’s Views of Independent Mobility during Their School Travels
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (142 KB)]
Vivian Romero

Biodiverse or Barren School Grounds: Their Effects on Children
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (2.05 MB)]
Sylvia Samborski

Developing a Perception of a Place as Home among Children in an Isolated Desert Town
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (337 KB)]
Noa Avriel-Avni, Michal Zion and Ornit Spektor-Levy

Entering School: How Entryways and Foyers Foster Social Interaction
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (708 KB)]
Holly Ogden, Rena Upitis, Julia Brook, Anna Peterson, Jennifer Davis and Meagan Troop

Reports from the Field

Partnerships to Promote Healthy Eating in School Environments: Lessons from Buffalo, New York
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (226 KB)]
Samina Raja, Angelika Breinlich and Aidan Kallas

Nature in Our Own Backyards: Urban Ecology and Children
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (329 KB)]
Jessica Mikels-Carrasco

Photovoice: Addressing Youths’ Concerns in a Juvenile Detention Facility
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (275 KB)]
Jenna Osseck, Ashley Hartman and Carolyn C. Cox

Research Note

The Not So Great Outdoors? The Findings of a UK Study of Children’s Perspectives of Outdoor Recreation
[PDF Full Version (45 KB)]
Debbie Pearlman Hougie

Conference Report

Children and Nature: Measuring Success—London, October 2010
[PDF Full Version (38 KB)]
Frances Harris

Book Reviews

Young Children and the Environment: Early Education for Sustainability
Julie M. Davis, ed.

Place- and Community-Based Education in School
Gregory A. Smith and David Sobel

A Manufactured Wilderness: Summer Camps and the Shaping of American Youth, 1890-1960
Abigail Van Slyck

Lens on Outdoor Learning
Wendy Banning and Ginny Sullivan

Linking Architecture and Education: Sustainable Design for Learning Environments
Anne Taylor

Film Reviews

Play Again
Meg Merrill, producer; Tonje Hessen Schei, director

Other Films of Note

The Nature of Cities
Electric Lodge, Marjory Goldman, and Daryl and Andy Buckingham, producer; Chuck Davis and Tim Beatley, directors

Experiencing Nature in Early Childcare [Groen Is Gras: Natuurbeleving in de Kinderopvang]
Veldwerk Nederland, producer

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