Children, Youth and Environments.
Vol 16, No.2 (2006)
ISSN 1546-2250

Pushing the Boundaries:
Critical International Perspectives on Child and Youth Participation

Special Issue

Guest Editors: Caitlin Cahill and Roger A. Hart

Caitlin Cahill and Roger A. Hart

Focus on Europe

Guest Editors: Barry Percy-Smith and Alison Clark

Beyond Consultation: Participatory Practices in Everyday Spaces (Editors’ Introduction)
[PDF Full Version (184 KB)]
Alison Clark and Barry Percy-Smith

A Child Perspective and Children’s Participation
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (203 KB)]
Marit Skivenes and Astrid Strandbu

“How Can You Know? You’re Not a Foster Child”: Dilemmas and Possibilities of Giving Voice to Children in Foster Care
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (254 KB)]
Hanne Warming

Consulting Youth about Residential Care Environments in Scotland
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (190 KB)]
Irene Stevens

“Don’t Come too Close to My Octopus Tree”: Recording and Evaluating Young Children’s Perspectives on Outdoor Learning
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (857 KB)]
Tim Waller

“Young People’s Participation in the Renaissance of Public Space—A Case Study of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (796 KB)]
Peter Rogers

From Participation to Empowerment: Critical Reflections on a Participatory Action Research Project with Street Children in Turkey
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (719 KB)]
Anli Ataöv and Jawaid Haider

From Consultation to Social Learning in Community Participation with Young People
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (613 KB)]
Barry Percy-Smith

Reports from the Field

Youth Participation in the UK: Bureaucratic Disaster or Triumph of Child Rights?
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (130 KB)]
Emily Middleton

The Children and Architecture Project in Turkey
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (938 KB)]
Tulin Sener


A Conversation with Cengiz Bektas, Architect, Engineer, Author
[PDF Full Version (776 KB)]
Fahriye Sancar

Focus on Australia and New Zealand/Aotearoa

Guest Editor: Anita Harris

Critical Perspectives on Child and Youth Participation in Australia and New Zealand/Aotearoa (Editor’s Introduction)
[PDF Full Version (79 KB)]
Anita Harris

Progressing Participation: Taming the Space between Rhetoric and Reality
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (173 KB)]
Anne Graham, Jenni Whelan and Robyn Fitzgerald

Polarizing Participation in Local Government: Which Young People Are Included and Excluded?
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (179 KB)]
Karen Nairn, Judith Sligo and Claire Freeman

Participation for All? Searching for Marginalized Voices: The Case for Including Refugee Young People
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (212 KB)]
Jen Couch and Steve Francis

Participatory Research, Culture and Youth Identities: An Exploration of Indigenous, Cross-Cultural and Trans-National Methods
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (152 KB)]
Anne-Marie Tupuola

“Going Back to Country with Bosses”: The Yiriman Project, Youth Participation and Walking Along with Elders
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (128 KB)]
David Palmer, John Watson, Anthony Watson, Peter Ljubic, Hugh Wallace-Smith and Mel Johnson

Reports from the Field

Where Are the Priorities? Where is the Action?
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (115 KB)]
Luke Bo’sher

Action, BlastOff, Chaos: ABCs of Successful Youth Participation
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (438 KB)]
Heather Douglas

Book Reviews

Our Time is Now
by Sheila Kinkade and Christina Macy

Beyond Resistance
by Shawn Ginwright

It's Your World
by Mikki Halpin

Previously Published Book Reviews Also of Interest

Machi-Work: Education for Participation (2004)
by Eileen Adams and Isami Kinoshita

Growing Up in an Urbanising World (2003)
by Louise Chawla

Creating Better Cities with Children and Youth: A Manual for Participation (2003)
by David Driskell

Doing Research with Children and Young People (2005)
by Sandy Fraser, Vicky Lewis, and Sharon Ding

Researching Children's Experience: Approaches and Methods (2005)
by Sheila Greene and Diane Hogan

Globalization and Children: Exploring Potentials for Enhancing Opportunities in the Lives of Children and Youth (2004)
by Natalie Hevener Kaufman and Irene Rizzini

Children in Our Midst: Voices of Farmworkers' Children (2004)
by Irene McCartney

Youth Participation in Community Planning (Community Advisory Service Report Number 486) (2003)
by Ramona Mullahey, Yve Susskind, and Barry Checkoway

The Uptown Kids: Struggle and Hope in the Projects (1995)
by Terry Williams and William Kornblum

Youth Participatory Evaluation: A Field in the Making (2004)
by Kim Sabo

Also of Interest