Children, Youth and Environments.
Vol 16, No.1 (2006)
ISSN 1546-2250

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Articles in This Issue

Nature and the Life Course: Pathways from Childhood Nature Experiences to Adult Environmentalism
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (181 KB)]
Nancy M. Wells and Kristi S. Lekies

Teen and Adult Perceptions of Urban Green Space in Los Angeles
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (468 KB)]
Elizabeth Gearin and Chris Kahle

Resegregation in U.S. Public Schools or White Decline? A Closer Look at Trends in the 1990s
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (303 KB)]
John Logan, Deirdre Oakley and Jacob Stowell

Special Focus:
Increasing Children's Freedom of Movement

Lia Karsten and Willem van Vliet--, Guest Editors

cartoon by Stu Hutchinson
after an idea by Kelly Draper Zuniga

Increasing Children's Freedom of Movement- Introduction
[PDF Full Version (34 KB)]
Lia Karsten and Willem van Vliet--

Johnny Walks to School-Does Jane? Examining Sex Differences in Children's Active Travel to School
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (345 KB)]
Tracy McMillan, Kristen Day, Marlon Boarnet, Mariela Alfonzo and Craig Anderson

Home Zones in the UK: History, Policy and Impact on Children and Youth
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (458 KB)] [PDF in Japanese (295 KB)]
Tim Gill

Health Benefits of Walking School Buses in Auckland, New Zealand: Perceptions of Children and Adults
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (104 KB)]
Pat M. Neuwelt and Robin A. Kearns

Fun, Fast and Fit: Influences and Motivators for Teenagers Who Cycle to School
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (99 KB)]
Arthur F. Orsini and Catherine O'Brien

Research Notes

Activity Patterns of Children and Youth in Ghent, Belgium
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (485 KB)]
Frank Witlox and Hans Tindemans

Children in the City: Reclaiming the Street
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (952 KB)]
Lia Karsten and Willem van Vliet--

Reports from the Field

Deborah A. Hubsmith

The Mayor's School Cycle Parking Program in London
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (227 KB)]
Cycling Center

Children, Community and HIV/AIDS in South Africa
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (916 KB)]
Jill Kruger


Book Reviews

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder
by Richard Louv

New Frontiers for Youth Development in the Twenty-First Century
by Melvin Delgado

American Playgrounds: Revitalizing Community Space
by Susan G. Solomon

The Youth Development Handbook: Coming of Age in American Communities
by Stephen F. Hamilton and Mary Agnes Hamilton, eds.

The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America
by Jonathan Kozol

Community Planning to Foster Resilience in Children- Caroline Clauss
by Ehlers and Mark Weist, eds.

Measuring Environment Across the Life Span: Emerging Methods and Concepts
by Sarah Friedman and Theodore D. Wachs, eds.

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