Children, Youth and Environments.
Vol 15, No.2 (2005)
ISSN 1546-2250

Table of Contents

Acknowledgement of Reviewers

The CYE Journal by the Numbers: Exponential Growth, Most Popular Articles, and More [PDF Full Version (198 KB)]

The Editors

Special Focus: Children and Governance

Guest Editor: Sheridan Bartlett

cartoon by Stu Hutchinson

Good Governance: Making Age a Part of the Equation-An Introduction
[PDF Full Version (90 KB)]
Sheridan Bartlett

Reviews of Good Practice

Integrating Children's Rights into Municipal Action: A Review of Progress and Lessons Learned
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (134 KB)]
Sheridan Bartlett

Local Environmental Initiatives Oriented to Children and Youth: A Review of UN-Habitat Best Practices
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (78 KB)]
Darcy Varney and Willem van Vliet--

Learning from Initiatives over Time

Don’t Just Listen- Do Something! Lessons Learned about Governance from the Growing Up in Cities Project
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (165 KB)]
Louise Chawla, Natasha Blanchet-Cohen, Nilda Cosco, David Driskell, Jill Kruger, Karen Malone, Robin Moore and Barry Percy-Smith


“We Know Something Someone Doesn’t Know…” Children Speak Out on Local Conditions in Johannesburg
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (132 KB)]
Jill Kruger and Louise Chawla

How Crazy Can it Be? An Assessment, Three Years Later, of Outcomes from a Participatory Project with Children in Johannesburg
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (75 KB)]
Je’anna Clements


Child Rights for Urban Poor Children in Child-Friendly Philippine Cities: Views from the Community
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (119 KB)]
Mary Racelis and Angela Desiree M. Aguirre

Local Governance, Children and the Physical Environment: The Case of Payatas in the Philippines
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (92 KB)]
Angela Desiree M. Aguirre

Participatory Budgeting Initiatives in Latin America

Citizenship Knows No Age: Children’s Participation in the Governance and Municipal Budget of Barra Mansa, Brazil
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (104 KB)]
Eliana Guerra

Reality Check on Children’s Participation in the Governance of Barra Mansa, Brazil
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (117 KB)]
Marta Barceló

Children and Young People Build Participatory Democracy in Latin American Cities
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (126 KB)]
Yves Cabannes

Youth Involvement in Adult Processes

Youth with Influence: The Story of the Youth Planner Initiative in Hampton, Virginia
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (637 KB)]
Cindy Carlson

Bolivia’s Children’s Parliament: Bringing Participation to the National Stage
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (519 KB)]
Jayashri Sarkar and Blanca Mendoza

Youth in Governance: Supports and Resources Are Critical Components for Youth Success
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (54 KB)]
Anne Hipskind and Christine Poremski

Planning for the Needs of Young People in Rural South East England
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (126 KB)]
Michael Leyshon and Sean DiGiovanna

Spatial Planning and Opportunities for Children’s Participation: A Local Governance Analysis
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (272 KB)]
Hilde Lauwers and Wouter Vanderstede

Democratic Processes in Times of Stress

Working with “Local Goverance” in a Conflict Situation: The Experience of Save the Children Norway in Nepal
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (59 KB)]
Save the Children Norway- Nepal

School Mayors of Iran: Learning Social Participation in an Unfavorable Environment
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (698 KB)]
Parviz Piran

Integrating Efforts for Children into Larger Processes

Community-Based Diversion for Children in Conflict with the Law: The Cebu City Experience
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (137 KB)]
Felisa U. Etemadi

An Alternative Model for Responding to Children in Poverty: The Work of the Alliance in Mumbai and Other Cities
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (88 KB)]
Sheridan Bartlett

Healthy Travel, Healthy Environments: Integrating Youth and Child Perspectives into Municipal Transportation Planning
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (491 KB)]
Susan Wurtele and Jillian Ritchie

Building a Child Impact Assessment Tool for the City of Edmonton
[HTML Abstract] [PDF Full Version (65 KB)]
Bob Yates

Photo Essay

”How Can They Look So Happy?” Reconstructing the Place of Children after Hurricane Katrina: Images and Reflections
[PDF Full Version (2.24 MB)]
Jennifer Kirschke and Willem van Vliet--

A Personal Voice

Encountering the Other
[PDF Full Version (33 KB)]
Peter H. Kahn, Jr.

Finding the Wild in a Pavement Crack: Commentary on Peter Kahn’s “Encountering the Other”
[PDF Full Version (23 MB)]
Robert Michael Pyle

Book Reviews

How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas
by David Bornstein

Child Well-Being, Child Poverty and Child Policy in Modern Nations: What Do We Know?
by Koen Vleminckx and Timothy M. Smeeding, eds.

Rethinking Childhood
by Peter B. Pufall and Richard P. Unsworth

Making the Case for Play
by Isobel Cole-Hamilton, Andre Harrop and Cathy Street

Gaining Ground
by Janet Dyment

Researching Children’s Experience: Approaches and Methods
by S. Greene and D. Hogan, eds.

Peer Violence in Children’s Residential Care
by Christine Barter, Emma Renold, David Berridge and Pat Cawson

Community Youth Development: Programs, Policies and Practices
by Francisco A. Villarruel, Daniel F. Perkins, Lynne M. Borden and Joanne G. Keith, eds.

Community Programs to Promote Youth Development
by Jacquelynne Eccles and Jennifer Appleton Gootman, eds.

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