Children, Youth and Environments.
Vol 14, No.2 (2004)
ISSN 1546-2250

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction

Acknowledgment of Reviewers


Inclusive Environments? The Expansion of Out-of-School Child Care in the UK.
[HTML Abstract]
Fiona Smith and John Barker
Landscape as Playscape: The Effects of Natural Environments on Children’s Play and Motor Development
[HTML Abstract]
Ingunn Fjørtoft
Globalization and Gendered Social Transformation: Young People’s Lives in an Urban Artisan Community in India
[HTML Abstract]
Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase
Extending and Augmenting Scientific Enquiry through Pervasive Learning Environments
[HTML Abstract]
Yvonne Rogers and Sara Price
Youth Participation in Evaluation and Research as a Way of Lifting New Voices
[HTML Abstract]
Barry Checkoway and Katie Richards-Schuster

Research Notes

Quality of the City for Children: Chaos and Order
Baldo Blinkert
Reporting on Children in Cities: The State of London's Children Reports
[HTML Abstract]
Suzanne Hood

Field Reports

Hortaliza: A Youth “Nutrition Garden” in Southwest Detroit
[HTML Abstract]
Kameshwari Pothukuchi
Red-Eared Sliders and Neighborhood Dogs: Creating Third Spaces to Support Ethnic Girls’ Interests in Technological and Scientific Expertise
[HTML Abstract]
Margaret Eisenhart and Leslie Edwards
Child-Friendly Cities: Canadian Perspectives
[HTML Abstract]
Rae Bridgman
Youth Participatory Action Research on Hustling and Its Consequences: A Report from the Field
Damion Morgan, Victor Pacheco, Chiedza Rodriguez, Elsie Vazquez, Marlene Berg, and Jean Schensul
Soundings for Architecture: An Educational Workshop for Adults and Young People
Rosie Parnell

Book Reviews
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Also of Interest

Call for Papers: Pushing the Boundaries: Critical International Perspectives on Child and Youth Participation
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By Children for Children: Babiza's Story
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Louise Chawla
The International Play Association: Promoting the Child's Right to Play
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Valerie Fronczek