Children, Youth and Environments.
Vol 14, No.1 (2004)
ISSN 1546-2250

Children and Local Governance

Background: Work in Progress [HTML]

Sheridan Bartlett


Introduction: Children and Local Governance [PDF]

Sheridan Bartlett


Review of Child-Friendly Cities (CFC) Database [PDF]

Sheridan Bartlett


Review of UN Habitat Best Practices [PDF]

Darcy Varney and Willem van Vliet


Local Governance, Children and the Physical Environment: The Case of Payatas in the Philippines [PDF]

Angela Desiree Aguirre


The Work of the Alliance in Mumbai and Other Cities: An Alternative Model for Responding to Urban Children in Poverty [PDF]

Sheridan Bartlett


How Crazy Can It Be? An Assessment, Three Years Later, of Outcomes from a Participatory Project with Children in Johannesburg [PDF]

Je’anna Clements (née Swart)


Working for Lasting Change: Issues and Lessons [PDF]

Sheridan Bartlett


Call for Papers [PDF]