Children, Youth and Environments.
Vol 14, No.1 (2004)
ISSN 1546-2250

Book Reviews

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Child Health and the Environment

by Donald T. Wigle.

Reviewed by Jill S. Litt

Author Response

Donald T. Wigle

Child Poverty in the Developing World

by Dave Gordon, Shaileen Nandy, Christine Pantazis, Simon Pemberton and Peter Townshend.

Reviewed by Sheridan Bartlett

Author Response

Dave Gordon, Shaileen Nandy, Christine Pantazis, Simon Pemberton and Peter Townshend

Race, Place and Globalization: Youth Cultures in a Changing World

by Anoop Nayak.

Reviewed by Kelly Draper

Author Response

Anoop Nayak

The School I'd Like: Children and Young People's Reflections on an Education for the 21st Century

by Catherine Burke and Ian Grosvenor.

Reviewed by Karen Ann Watson-Gegeo

Author Response

Catherine Burke and Ian Grosvenor

Choosing a Better Life? Evaluating the Moving to Opportunity Social Experiment

edited by John Goering and Judith D. Feins.

Reviewed by Edward G. Goetz

Author Response

John Goering and Judit D. Feins

The Flickering Mind: The False Promise of Technology in the Classroom and How Learning Can Be Saved

by Todd Oppenheimer.

Reviewed by Clayton Lewis

Home Zones: A Planning and Design Handbook

by Mike Biddulph.

Reviewed by Sohyun Park Lee

Author Response

Mike Biddulph

Machi-Work: Education for Participation

edited by Eileen Adams and Isami Kinoshita.

Reviewed by Mark Francis

Author Response

Eileen Adams

Author Response

Isami Kinoshita

Neighborhood Poverty: Context and Consequences for Children, Volume 1

Neighborhood Poverty: Implications in Studying Neighborhoods, Volume 2

edited by Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Greg Duncan, and J. Lawrence Aber.

Reviewed by Beverly Kingston

Poor Kids in a Rich Country

by Lee Rainwater and Timothy Smeeding

Reviewed by Lawrence Aber

Author Response

Lee Rainwater and Timothy Smeeding