Children's Environments
Vol 12, No.2 (June 1995)
ISSN 1546-2250

Children's Gardens and Children in Farming
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Roger Hart


Childhood's Garden: Memory and Meaning of Gardens
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Mark Francis
Educating Our Children to Be Farmers
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Shannon Horst, Colleen Lowe Morna, Davidson O. Jonah
Child Labor in Urban Agriculture: The Case of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Malongo R.S. Mlozi
Putting Teens at the Center: Maximizing Public Utility of Urban Space through Youth Involvement in Planning and Employment
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Laura Lawson and Marcia McNally
Children Gardening: First Steps towards a Sustainable Future
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Robin C. Moore
Learning through Landscapes: An Organization's Attempt to Move School Grounds to the Top of the Education Agenda
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Bill Lucas
Tierra Buena: The Creation of an Urban Wildlife Habitat in an Elementary School in the Inner City
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Lucy Kennedy Bradley
Planning a Garden from a Child's Perspective
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Alice Phipps Whiren
Master Gardener Classroom Garden Project: An Evaluation of the Benefits to Children
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Jacquelyn Alexander, Mary-Wales North, Deborah K. Hendren
Growing Foods for Growing Minds: Integrating Gardening and Nutrition Education into the Overall Curriculum
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Irene Canaris

Book Reviews

Schoolyard Garden Designs: A Guide to Gardening with Children by John O'Brien
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Reviewed by Lenny Librizzi


A Country with a Culture of Its Own: Comment on The Development of Children's Relationships with Their Country by J. Kevin Nugent
Abigail S. McNamee

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