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Computers and People ImageWelcome to our global internships in international media. Internship opportunities are organized according to major tracks available in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Colorado at Boulder -- Advertising (& Public Relations/Marketing), Broadcasting (& Film), and News-Editorial.

The lists of international internship opportunities are NOT exhaustive. Rather, they provide a sampling of potential internships in various areas outside of the United States.

Below we have listed a few gateway links to multiple international opportunities in a wide variety of fields. Also below, we have listed a few links to internship opportunities with international non-profit agencies such as the United Nations that may OR may not provide internships in the specific fields of advertising, public relations, marketing, broadcasting, film, and news-editorial. Please note: when you click on a link, a new browser window will open. This will enable you to easily go between our page and any other page you click on.

General gateway links:

Useful Book(s):
Directory of International Internships, C. A. Gliozzo, et al. (ed.), 1994.

Global Information Internship
The Global Information Internship Program is an innovative "digital service learning" program at U C Santa Cruz. GIIP is creating a new generation of "info activists" committed to advancing social justice, democratizing globalization, and building social entrepreneurship.

United Nations Internships
The objective of the internship program is threefold:

- to provide a framework by which graduate and post-graduate students from diverse academic backgrounds may be assigned to United Nations offices where their educational experience can be enhanced through practical work assignments;
- to expose them to the work of the United Nations;
- to provide UN offices with the assistance of highly qualified students specialized in various professional fields.

UNESCO Internships
Students from a wide range of disciplines, researchers and national civil servants are all able to apply for individual quarter-month internships at UNESCO Headquarters. Depending on your qualifications, these internships relate either to the Organization’s strategic activities or to administrative or technical functions.

UNICEF Internships
UNICEF offers an internship program to qualified students at both headquarters and country offices for a period of six to sixteen weeks.

World Health Organization Internships
The World Health Organization offers internship opportunities for graduate or post-graduate university students, generally in health-related programs. Only a very limited number of such internships are available.

World Bank Internships
The internship program is open to students who are nationals of the Bank's member countries and attracts a large number of highly qualified candidates. The goal of this internship program is to offer successful candidates an opportunity to improve their skills as well as the experience of working in an international environment. Interns generally find the experience to be rewarding and interesting.