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Undergraduate Certificate in International Media
Offered jointly by the International Affairs Program, College of Arts and Sciences, and Journalism and Mass Communication

Tips to Complete the Certificate on Time

The International Media Certificate is designed to facilitate completion of the required 24-25 credit hours without any extra courses or time to graduate. Please familiarize yourself with this website and keep the following tips in mind to get the most out of the program:

1. Find courses that count twice. Compare the list of IM Certificate-approved courses ( with core and elective curriculum or requirements in your major. If possible, plan to take courses that count for both at once.

International Affairs majors: identify courses that overlap with your IAFS major requirements, including List A classes and two of the required JOUR classes, JOUR 4201 and JOUR 4341. 

2. Make sure you can take the three required courses (9-10 credit hours) at CU Boulder. For JOUR majors, IMC requirement #1 allows students to choose one of four options (IAFS 1000, PSCI 2012, PSCI 2223, or GEOG 2002). Required course #2 is JOUR 4201, International Mass Media. Required course #3 is JOUR 4341, Global Media—offered in SPRING ONLY

International Affairs majors, your three required IMC courses are your IAFS 1000, JOUR 4201 (Functional Area I for the IAFS major) and JOUR 4341 (Functional Area IV for the IAFS major).

3. Consult the list of IMC-approved electives when registering every semester:

4. Keep an eye out for possible course substitutions. For the 15 hours of elective credit, you may suggest upper-division international or journalism courses from the CU Boulder catalog if you find a relevant course you’d like to take that is not already listed on the IM Certificate website. To suggest an upper-division international course to be considered for IM Certificate credit, send a formal e-mail request to Certificate co-director Robert McNown ( To propose an upper-division journalism elective for possible IM Certificate credit, e-mail your request to Certificate co-director Bella Mody (

5. Remember that some of your IM Certificate electives can be taken as study abroad courses. Make sure to get approval in advance for any courses you intend to take when abroad. For courses related to international issues, please contact Certificate co-director Robert McNown ( for approval. For courses related to journalism, please contact Certificate co-director Bella Mody (

6. If you wish to pursue independent study related to Certificate curriculum, please remember that a maximum of 3 credit hours of independent study can be applied toward the IM Certificate. Follow the same steps for approval in advance as listed above.

7. Attend the reception / advising information session held once per semester for all IM Certificate students.

8. Check in with any questions. Feel free to email Justin Maki ( or Katherine Rousseau ( anytime you would like to go over your progress toward the Certificate and make sure you’re on track to complete all requirements by graduation. This is particularly important during your last three semesters.

9. Journalism students, contact Justin Maki ( to schedule your IM Certificate checkout appointment during your final semester.

 International Affairs students, contact Dr. Robert McNown ( to schedule your IMC checkout during your final semester.

10. Keep in touch! We are always happy to hear from IM Certificate graduates!



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