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These courses may be taken by masters or doctoral students. The school offers Master of Arts degrees in two programs: Newsgathering and Mass Communication Research. Students in the Research and Newsgathering programs can earn the master's degree with an emphasis in environmental journalism and the university's certificate in Environmental Policy. Students in the Newsgathering program select an emphasis in Print, Broadcast or a combination of both. The PhD in Communication is dedicated to interdisciplinary inquiry into the social, political, economic and cultural dimensions of media, nationally and internationally, historically and in contemporary societies.

JOUR 5201/6201: Readings in International Mass Communication
Covers mass communication within the international system, including similarities and differences in functions, facilities, and content; social theories of the press; and the international flow of mass communication. Syllabus.

JOUR 6211: Communication and International Development
Studies and analyzes communications technologies and techniques used in addressing social problems in developing countries. Syllabus.

JOUR 6871: Topical Graduate Seminars
Topical Graduate Seminars vary from term to term (e.g. Global
Media, Democracy and Development: Syllabus).

Christof Image "The SJMC's support of my international research interests helped land me a job in the School of Communication at the University of Denver (Fall, 2005), which wanted to hire someone who focused on international media and communication."
-- Christof Demont-Heinrich, Doctoral Candidate, United StatesNadia Kaneva Image"Prior to my doctoral studies,
I have worked in advertising both in my native country Bulgaria and in the
United States. I am interested in narrative as a means of constructing
collective identities and memories. I have studied the narratives of
immigrants and of survivors of Communist labor camps."
--Nadia Kaneva, doctoral candidate, Bulgaria