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Below is a list of international internships in broadcasting and film available through, and sponsored by, a number of different organizations. The list is NOT an exhaustive one. Rather, it provides a sampling of potential internships in various areas throughout the globe outside of the United States. The internship listings are organized first according to region. Countries are listed alphabetically within each region. Every effort is made to regularly update the links below. However, if you should find a link that does not work, please contact us. Also, please note: when you click on a link, a new browser window will open. This will enable you to easily go between our pages and any pages you click on.


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China (Boston University)

The Beijing Internship Program offers a spring semester in China's grand and bustling capital city. The program combines an internship with intensive study of the Chinese language as it is spoken in both everyday and professional contexts. Study trips to surrounding areas and to local businesses supplement the coursework.

Hong Kong (Syracuse)
The internship experience allows for in-depth and practical understanding of how business and government function in Hong Kong. Placements are available in international and non-governmental organizations, businesses, banking firms, and the communications industry. Previous placements have included NBC Asia, Star TV, AT&T, the U.S. Consulate of Hong Kong, Merrill Lynch, Amnesty International, SL+A Architecture Firm, and Calvin Klein Asia. Students also worked with Hong Kong legislators, consulting and law firms, and trade magazine publishers.

India (U-Cal Berkeley & Naturequest)

The program draws on the vast resources of the Mumbai film industry to create an extraordinary training ground. Students learn the craft, nuances and intricacies of the industry in a spirited environment that combines professional training with real-life work experience.

Thailand (
Community eco-tourism initiatives, combined with Thai governmental funded conservational projects at national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, plantations, etc.


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Australia (Global Experiences)

Together with our affiliates, Global Experiences is Australia's largest independent internship provider. With over 1000 companies in our database, many of which are multinational, and locations throughout all of Australia, we are sure to find a placement perfect for you. Whether you are interested in just the internship placement or everything from your accommodation, airport pickup and even your social activities, we will organize everything for you.

Australia (Boston University)
The Sydney Internship Program offers a semester of study and work in beautiful, cosmopolitan Sydney, Australia, one of the hubs of the Pacific Rim. This program combines a professional internship with coursework on Australia’s dynamic history, contemporary culture, and place in the modern world, including its literature, film, mass media, politics, economy and art.


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France (BU)

The Paris Internship Program offers a semester of study and work in the hub of French and European business and culture. The program combines an internship with intensive French-language study and liberal arts courses.

Strasbourg (Syracuse)
For students proficient in French, work opportunities in communications, education, social services and business are available in and around Strasbourg. Your resume should demonstrate experience in the chosen field and strong motivation to provide service and learn from the host organization. Recent placements have included:

- International and national businesses.
- Government agencies.
- Political parties.
- TV stations.
- NGOs (e.g., refugee advocacy).

Germany (Boston University)

After completing the intensive four-credit German-language and cultural-immersion course (CAS GE 300), students are placed in their internships. Complementary coursework runs in tandem with the internship. Students begin their internships during week nine and continue to work for an average of 30 hours a week. They also enroll in two or more courses at TUD and attend three to four faculty-directed sessions on the academic component of their internship. During the final week of the program, students attend a capstone seminar in which they deliver the final presentations on their academic internship projects.

Great Britain (BU)

Study Communications and society in Great Britain and work for one of London's radio and television stations or film production companies. Internship placements have included The Travel Channel, Princess Productions, Prospect Pictures, and Zenith Entertainment.

Great Britain

American Association of Overseas Studies
Research as well as practical work experience in Communications and Media. Internships are generally not paid, and expenses are the intern's responsibility.
158 West 81st Street, Box 53
New York, NY 10024

Great Britain (American Intercontinental University)

Junior or senior standing. Minimum grade point average of 3.0. Internships available in Marketing, Public Relations, Media Production, Visual Communications.

Great Britain (Temple University)

Professional experiences in a British setting in Journalism, Radio, TV, Film, Theature, Advertising, Broadcasting, Film and Media Arts.

Great Britain (Huron University)

Most internships are in an area of academic interest, which affords the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of business issues. Internships available in Journalism, Broadcast Media, and more.

Ireland (Boston University)
The Dublin Internship Program offers a semester of study and work in one of Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities: Dublin, Ireland. Based at Dublin City University (DCU), the program combines a professional internship with course work on various aspects of Ireland’s dynamic history and contemporary culture, including its art, economy, literature, media, and politics

Spain (Boston University)

The Madrid Internship Program offers intermediate and advanced speakers (Levels II and III) the opportunity to combine a four-credit internship with three other courses to complete the semester. Internship placements are available in a variety of fields.

Madrid (Syracuse)
Internships in Madrid are offered in virtually every field- from business to social services to communications. Students take from 1-3 credits, depending on their schedules. Some placements require proficiency in Spanish.

Madrid (Syracuse)
Internships in Madrid are offered in virtually every field- from business to social services to communications. Students take from 1-3 credits, depending on their schedules. Some placements require proficiency in Spanish.


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Bolivia (Ameri Span)
La Paz

A variety of organizations in La Paz that are involved with various aspects of media. Included areas are: historical photography research, multimedia production and web design. Volunteers are needed to work as editors, researchers, photographers, producers, camera technicians, web designers, programmers, and more.

Chile (
Vina del Mar / Valparaiso

The interns can work for different companies, institutions and organizations in the areas of communication, design, marketing and public relationships. They can also work for art galleries and museums and urbanism projects. They can compile their material to be used for business marketing and press.

Costa Rica (
National TV channels started in 1994 and groups 3 channels. The channels are full service with sports, news and entertainment. Opportunities include: Communication; Lighting; Production Assistant; All aspects of running a National TV Station.

Ecuador (Experiential Learning International)
Galapagos Islands

We can place you on the Galapagos Islands in several different settings. There is a radio station that gathers news from the different islands so they can keep people informed on Santa Cruz about what is going on in the region. The Galapagos National Park and the Charles Darwin Research Center also have media departments where they gather information about the park. Besides working with the radio station, they also are active producing brochures and documentaries about the Galapagos. These are very busy placements.

Honduras (
Gain hands-on experience in all aspects of broadcasting at Honduras’ largest television station in Tegucigalpa. Work in the studio as a production assistant helping camera operators, gaffers, editors and sound designers produce seven live shows a day. And be part of the action out on the road with the crew, covering breaking stories around the area. Volunteering on this project is a fabulous way to contribute your existing skills and experience, and gain exciting media experience to enhance your future career.