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Kampala, Uganda

July 2009: Photos from Professor Bella Mody's trip to Uganda as an expert presenter at the BBC World Service Trust's annual researcher training.

Dr. Gerry Power, Director of Research and Knowledge Management at
the BBC World Service Trust with two of his Sudanese researchers at the 2009
research update in Munyonyo, Uganda.


Antonio G. Lambino II of the Communication For Governance And Accountability Program (CommGAP) Operational Communication External Affairs division of the World Bank (website) (blog) and Bella Mody outside a church at the BBC WST July 2009 workshop in Munyonyo, Uganda.


Barbara Musoke, Deputy Managing Director, Uganda Broadcasting
Corporation (website) agrees to consider SJMC-CUBoulder interns for summer
work experience. Professor Lydia Miremebe of Makerere University also in the
picture set up the meeting.



Bella Mody speaking at the Makerere University Department of
Mass Communication-organised talk at the Africana Hotel in Kampala.



Media and national development researchers at the Makerere
University-organized talk by Bella Mody.



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