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The First Genocide of the 21st Century: How Did the World's Media Cover It?


Welcome to the media panel of the Sudan Awareness Conference. As they say on TV, this is brought to you by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Colorado at Boulder. My name is Bella Mody, deCastro Chair of Global Media Studies at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.


This conference is a wonderful event. Boulder's Congregation Har Hashem gets all the credit for initiating this conference.



The graduate students and faculty you will hear shortly were already doing research together on media coverage of this awful humanitarian disaster. I started this project with Christof Heinrich-Demont (now at the University of Denver) last fall: we will have a book completed December 2005.

We are grateful to Mindy Pantiel of Har Hashem for allowing us to give you a very brief glimpse of some of the chapters that will go into the book on media coverage of Darfur. We have no time now to feature all chapter authors but today's presenters are special. I will introduce them in the order they will present:

1. I, Bella Mody, DarfurPanel2will start by introducing the purpose of the research.

Click for opening presentation.


(Map of Sudan)

2. We will then hear from Michael McDevitt, DarfurPanel3Associate Professor in the School of Journalism and a precious colleague. McDevitt, a Standford Ph.D. and former journalist, will share a review of the literature from his unique prespective on the role of media in moral mobilization. Click for McDevitt powerpoint presentation



3. We will then go directly to Kelly Kinner, a graduate student in Media Research and a former entrepreneur and world traveler. DarfurPanel4Kelly Kinner and Katherine Osos are Master's students who compared the coverage of Darfur in two Internet sites, English Al and Click for Kinner powerpoint presentation.


4.The next presentation will be made by two of our star doctoral students, Cari Skogberg Eastman and Tamara Swenson. Both joined the progam only last year but both came from illustrious careers as college professors. DarfurPanel5Cari specializes in Spanish, Tamara specializes in Japan and Japanese. They will present their comparison of the South African Mail and Guardian (that played a major role in the liberation against apartheid in South Africa) with the Egyptian Al Ahrams, English and Arabic. We have to thank Anna Mansouri who did our Arabic coding and textual analysis. Click for Eastman/Swenson powerpoint presentation.


5. The last data-based presentation will be by my newest colleague DarfurPanel6Dr. HunShik Kim, Assistant Professor. Kim came to us after many years of TV reporting experience around the world and has a doctorate from a famous JSchool in Missouri. He will compare the coverage of 2 European dailies, the UK Guardian and the French LeMonde. Click for Kim powerpoint presentation.


6. To conclude I will talk only very briefly and only about the similarities in the coverage of Darfur across media. Do buy the book when it comes out next year. Click for summary powerpoint presentation.















Student-Authored Papers on Media Coverage of Darfur

The following papers, authored in Spring 2005 by graduate students in the
School of Journalism and Mass Communication, were the culmination of a
semester-long project in cross-national comparative research and civic
engagement. These early versions were expanded upon, revised, and
standardized into co-authored chapters of the book "The Geopolitics of Representation in Foreign News: Explaining Darfur" (publication date, Fall 2010). Click on the titles below to access original student papers:

"Silence, then ‘Never Again,’ Again: Framing the Darfur Crisis by Al Ahram and
Mail & Guardian"
by Tamara Swenson

"Disaster in Darfur: An Examination of Darfur Crisis Coverage by Al Ahram and
the Mail and Guardian Online Newspapers"
by Cari Skogberg

"Genocide v. Civil Conflict: Comparing Coverage of the Darfur Crisis in the New
York Times and the People’s Daily"
by Brian Frederick

" and BBC.CO.UK: Media Framing of the Darfur Humanitarian Crisis" by Kelly Kinner

"Covering the Darfur Crisis: BBC vs. Al Jazeera" by Katherine Osos