LGBTQ+ Youth Expertise on Allyship and Advocacy for Educators

June 30, 2019

Suraj Uttamchandani and colleagues describe the difference between allyship and advocacy for LGBTQ+ youth by focusing on the expertise of LGBTQ+ youth. They provide five important and practical ways educators can improve school climate for LGBTQ+ youth. // Suraj Uttamchandani y sus colegas describen la diferencia entre ser un aliado y abogar por los jóvenes LGBTQ+ al enfocarse en los conocimientos de los jóvenes LGBTQ+. Ellos proveen cinco maneras prácticas e importantes que los educadores pueden utilizar para mejorar el ambiente escolar para los jóvenes LGBTQ+.

Sam Long

Voices at the Table - Growing a Gender-Inclusive Curriculum and Classrooms

Meet Sam Long (he/him) @samlong713 , high school biology teacher and Dialogues author for The Assembly! Read his article: "Growing a Gender-Inclusive Biology Curriculum" here . We interviewed Sam about developing the framework and what he hopes readers will take away from his article. Sam is also the co-founder of...

Voices at the Table - Grassroots Professional Learning

On this page we are collecting resources for those who would like to engage in their own professional learning. While the intended audience is current K-12 educators, this page applies to anyone involved in youth education. In the following videos, we hope to provide concrete models for how a teacher...

Tagging, Threading, and Marking Up: Ways of Being A Public Scholar

Getting ideas, insights, and/or findings out there is seen by many as the heart of scholarship. Yet, so often what there really means is behind a paywall or writing it up in ways that are not broadly accessible. In this Voices at the Table, we want to highlight some approaches...