2017 Projects

Samuel Rheins, Who Does Ike Like?: An Examination of the Enisenhower-Israel Relationship

Samantha Stone, Psychochemical Weapons

Lior Gross, Embracing Twilight: Transgender Experiences and/in Judaism

Maura Smith, Kabbalistic Influence on Elie Wiesel

Eleanor Landsbaum, Beyond Sweet: A Baker's Understanding of Judaism

Each year, students that participated in Research in Jewish Studies: How, What, Why? must present their completed research projects at the Jewish Studies End-Of-Year Showcase. Research projects are in the Humanities, Fine Arts, and/or Social Sciences and involve Jewish Studies. It may  have a creative componet to it such as photoraphy, creative writing, and performance art, among others. 

In Spring 2017, eight students participated in the End-Of-Year Showcase, five of which completed their research through Research in Jewish Studies: How, What, Why?