David Ruin, Member of the Program in Jewish Studies Student Advisory Board
Member, Undergraduate Student Advisory Board
Jewish Studies

David Ruin, originally from Denver, CO, is a major in Integrative Physiology and pursuing two minors, Russian and Jewish Studies. 

David's Jewish Studies minor plays a huge part in his academic endeavors because through it, he is able to learn something very different than what he learns in his Integrative Physiology classes. It allows David to reconnect with his Jewish heritage and learn about the history of Jewish people. Originally, his Jewish roots and the fact that he attended a Jewish day school attracted him to the Program in Jewish Studies.

After graduation, David plans to attend medical school. He believes that by becoming a Jewish Studies minor, he will be a more well-rounded student and will stand out. In addition to being on the Student Advisory Board, David is also affiliated with the Volunteer Resource Center and volunteers for Alternative Breaks. He is also a volunteer in the Children's Hospital in Denver and currently planning a Natural Disaster Aid trip.

David decided to join the Student Advisory Board because of his interest to gain more knowledge about leadership, promote the Jewish Studies Majors and Minors, talk about current Jewish events, and prepare for a potential career in a Jewish workplace. His advice is to take up a Jewish Studies Major or Minor! "This program is for everyone. It diversifies you as a person and you get to learn about Jewish people through a humanities approach."