How can I get tickets?

All tickets for this event are sold out.

I already have a ticket from Macky Auditorium. Will it work?

Yes. Tickets previously issued by Macky Auditorium will be honored. Please see the Tickets tab for information about entrance times and specific doors at the Coors Events Center.

How do I get my Coors Events Center ticket?

Coors Events Center tickets are print-at-home tickets sent as a .pdf attachment to the email address entered at the time of purchase. 

My Coors Events Center ticket doesn't have a number on it. Where should I sit?

All seating will be general admission.

I have a floor ticket. Where should I enter the Coors Events Center?

Floor Ticket holders should use the Regent Drive entrance for easiest access to their seats. 


Where is this event taking place?

Jane Goodall's talk will take place at the Coors Event Center on the CU-Boulder campus, 950 Regent Drive.

Will this event also be held at Macky Auditorium?

No. Due to popular demand, the Oct. 1 George Gamow Memorial Lecture featuring Dr. Jane Goodall has been moved to the Coors Events Center from Macky Auditorium.

Macky ticketholders - Please see the Tickets tab for information about entrance times and specific doors at the Coors Events Center.

Parking & Transportation

How do I get to campus?

Coors Events Center is located at 950 Regent Drive, on the southeast corner of CU-Boulder's Main Campus.

Will parking be available on campus?

Attendees are strongly encouraged to use alternative transportation inlcuding RTD buses, biking or walking to campus.

Limited parking will be available on East Campus beginning at 4:30 p.m. Shuttles will run from Discovery Drive to the Aurora/Frontage Road drop-off/pick-up point by the underpass to Coors Events Center from 4:30 p.m.-midnight. Map of East Campus parking and shuttle service.

Limited public parking will be available on Main Campus beginning at 5:30 p.m. Lots 308, 360, 378, 430, 470, RG Zone and KIT Zone will be available for public parking. Map of Main Campus parking.

We anticipate heavy traffic impacting Regent Drive and Main Campus. 

See the Parking & Transportation tab for additional information. 



Will there be security requirements at the Coors Events Center?

You will be required to pass through security prior to entering the Coors Events Center.

Please plan to arrive at your earliest entrance time—6 p.m. for Macky ticket holders; 6:30 p.m. for all other ticket holders—to allow adequate time to pass through security.

Prohibited items

The Coors Events Center complies with all TSA and Homeland Security prohibited items lists. In addition, prohibited items include:

  • Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs (including medical marijuana)
  • Sharp objects, including pocketknives of any kind
  • Glass bottles or cans
  • Umbrellas of any size
  • Firearms or weapons of any type (including handguns carried in accordance w/ the Colorado Conceal & Carry Act).
  • Designated artificial noise makers such as whistles or air horns
  • Laser pointers
  • Signs or flags on sticks (regardless of length)
  • Any unapproved signs or banners
  • Footballs, Frisbees, inflatable balls
  • Skateboards or skates
  • Fireworks
  • Animals (with the exception of service animals)

Food and beverage items may not be brought into the Coors Events Center. Concession stands will sell food and beverages.

All small bags and infant diaper bags will be inspected.

All patrons will be requested to return prohibited items to their vehicles, hotel rooms or homes.

*Rules subject to change without notice.

During the event

Will I be able to watch this event online?

The event will be livestreamed through the Colorado Live Stream website. The stream will be active at the time of the event. 

Will Jane Goodall sign books after her talk?

Yes. Jane Goodall will sign books for a limited time following her talk at the Coors Events Center. Books will be available for purchase at the event. Limit 1 book per person. No photography will be allowed during the book signing.

When will books be available for purchase?

Jane Goodall books will be available for purchase as soon as doors open at the Coors Events Center. Patrons can purchase books upon entering the Coors Events Center. Book sales will continue until the book signing is complete.

ADA Accommodations

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the event center is wheelchair accessible. Please seek out an attendant upon arriving at the Coors Events Center for help locating ADA seats.

Will there be ADA parking near the venue?

There will be limited ADA parking near the venue. Parking staff will direct individuals with mobility needs to the venue.

Can I bring my service animal?


Who do I contact about ADA requests?

Coors Events Center staff will be available to assist with ADA accomodations upon arriving at the venue. Please seek out an attendant for help with ADA accomodations.

Is there a specific entrance for ADA?

Yes. Individuals who need ADA assistance should use the ground-level Regent Drive entrance.

Will there be American Sign Language interpreters at the event?

Yes. There will be ASL interpreters at this event. Please contact an attendant upon arriving at the Coors Events Center for direction to reserved seats in direct line of sight to an interpreter. Seating will be provided for one attendee and one guest.