Jake Jerzy

Phoenix, AZ

Graduated from:
Northern Arizona University (B.S. and M.A.)

Coffee, literature, live music, and foreign films

Favorite thing about CU Boulder:
Inhabiting one of the top college-towns in America, CU Boulder combines that quintessential college-town experience with premier academic research and an emphasis on personalized, student-centric learning.

Favorite place to eat in Boulder:
Brasserie Ten Ten

Take the time to actively research your schools of potential interest; not just the specific academic program that appeals to you, but the institution as a whole. Look into campus resources, student life offerings, and other facets of the university. As a last note, an official visit is essential in making a final college decision. Walk around the campus and explore the surrounding city – location and community are significant factors to consider when determining where you will embark on your college journey.