IT Strategic Plan

Beginning in 1998, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education requested that CU-Boulder develop a campus-wide IT strategic plan. Every four years since that time, faculty, students, and staff revisit previous plans and set new IT directions for the campus. 

As in previous years, the underlying goal of the 2010 IT Strategic Plan is to enhance the academic, research, and service missions of the campus. A unique opportunity exists this year: to explicitly coordinate with other campus-wide planning initiatives, such as Flagship 2030 as well as the NCA Re-accreditation Process.

Did you know...

  • The IT Strategic Plan process takes place every four years.
  • This is the fourth time CU-Boulder has developed a campus-wide IT Strategic Plan.
  • There are 17 areas of focus, each with its own committee.
  • There are more than 200 participants bringing a campus-wide viewpoint to the plan.
  • Participants include 58 faculty, 5 undergrad students, 5 graduate students, 72 non-ITS staff,
    11 Other IT providers and 60 ITS staff members.

While campus-wide participation has always been a priority in the IT strategic planning process, we are underscoring its importance in this year’s effort.  In line with this emphasis, this website will be designed to provide up-to-date information about the current planning process as well as direct opportunities for participation in it.

For questions about ITSP, please contact Marin Stanek by email at or phone at 303-735-5225.