At the request of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, CU Boulder has engaged in a campus-wide IT strategic planning process every four years since 1998.  These plans have laid the foundation for many important IT resources and practices.  Examples include:

1998: Establishment of the faculty computer purchase program, formation of the Distributed Academic Technology Coordinators (DATCs), creation of the 4-tiered IT support model, formation of the CIO Office and IT Council.

2002: Development of the student and faculty/staff portal, maturation of IT infrastructure (i.e. Enterprise Directory, enterprise architecture), creation of the student IT literacy/fluency effort, launch of the IT Security Office, formation of IT Infrastructure Advisory Group (ITIAG).

2006: Coordination of email environment (Exchange for faculty/staff, external email provider for students), new network funding model, campus-wide MS site licensing, maturation of security environment with departmental IT risk assessments and disaster recovery/business continuity plans.

You can review the previous IT Strategic Plans by clicking on one of the links below:

For questions about ITSP, please contact Marin Stanek by email at Marin.Stanek@colorado.edu or phone at 303-735-5225.