In our initial planning process, we identified four basic areas of investigation as well as a handful of sub-categories within each (see below for details).  Committees were formed and assigned to research and discuss each of these 17 categories.  Each committee includes faculty members, students, administrators, and IT staff. 

Chapter 1: Academic Technology
1.1   Supporting the faculty/graduate students
1.2   Providing Teaching and Learning Spaces
1.3   Offering Teaching and Learning Tools

Chapter 2: Shared Resources & Support
2.1   Creating Research Computing & Cyberinfrastructure
2.2   Facilitating Cloud Computing
2.3   Providing Mobile Computing Strategy & Service Offerings)
2.4   Developing Rich Collaboration Tools
2.5   Increasing Staff Effectiveness & Efficiency Through Technology
2.6   Developing Web Infrastructure Services
2.7   Improving the IT Service Model

Chapter 3: Collaboration Efforts
3.1    Libraries
3.2    Registrars & ISIS
3.3    Facilities Management
3.4    Housing & Dining Services

Chapter 4: Governance & Budget Transparency
4.1    Redefining Governance
4.2    Developing Strategic Communications

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