Increasing Staff Effectiveness & Efficiency Through Technology

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Major Issue:

Integrating IT with business needs in a cost effective manner thus increasing staff effectiveness and efficiency. Current challenges are related to a misalignment between technology services and staff needs as each area is often independently addressed or evaluated. While we believe opportunities for quick gains in efficiency and effectiveness exist, long term success ultimately is based on a commitment to shared values, principles, and objectives that consider business needs and supporting technology in a holistic manner.

Specific Recommendations:

  1. The campus needs a better understanding of its collective present and future business needs in order to systematically build efficient technological systems and processes.
  2. We recommend a commitment to developing and promoting a common understanding of what staff effectiveness and efficiency is.
  3. We recommend that the IT service environment promote and encourage a customer service orientation that better understands the needs of end users within the context of their business environment.
  4. We recommend that current technology be better utilized to achieve immediate efficiencies.
  5. We recommend that the campus promote and reward the adoption of standards based approaches for technology where it promotes accepted best practices, such as in areas like ADA accessibility.


  • Campus priorities are available, transparent, and supported at all organizational levels.
  • Accountability for staff efficiency, effectiveness, and service programs is explicit.
  • Definitions for and evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness standards are common.
  • Identifiable communication forums are established.
  • Management at all levels regularly promotes collaboration through recognizable communication forums and methodologies between business an technology leaders.
  • Business analysis services are identified.
  • Governance priority is clear and measurably adopted.
  • Staff development in priority technology areas is measured and improving.
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