Developing Rich Collaboration Tools

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Major Issue:

An increasing number of collaboration technologies exist which facilitate communication, coordination, and shared content authoring for individuals working in a partnership. Collaborating through these technologies is poised to be a way of life across academia. No consistent approach exists for developing a common collection of collaboration tools across campus –if employed, a consistent approach would improve all aspects of the space including, but not limited to, cost models, support models, ubiquitous access, and robust, scalable solutions.

CU-Boulder needs to progress the adoption and development of functionally rich collaboration tools in four specific areas. 1) The campus community needs one, or more, "shared canvas" tools. 2) The campus community needs one, or more, content and media repository tools. 3) Enhancing communication using video and videoconferencing by embracing greater standardization, support, and deployment of video technologies. 4) Adopting a unified communications.

Specific Recommendations:

  1. Common Recommendations
  2. Shared Canvas
  3. Content and Media Repository Tools
  4. Video and Videoconferencing
  5. Unified Communications
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