Facilitating Cloud Computing

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Major Question:

How can we embrace cloud computing and effectively enhance the academic, research, and service missions of the university by providing guidance and services while minimizing costs and risks?

Specific Recommendations:

The adoption strategy for the campus should be a phased approach:

  • Build Expertise
  • Identify possible IT applications that are candidates to migrate to the cloud and prioritize
  • Set clear adoption principles that include checking for alignment with campus goals
  • Migrate some applications and evaluate
  • Continually monitor the legal situation and rapidly changing case law

Expertise and Influence Development

Identify Candidates for Migration

Set Clear Adoption Principles

Specific recommendations related to Risk Mitigation/Legal Issues


  • Need to set up a group to discuss and develop strategies.
  • Look at if the tools can be shown to actually help the units function, e.g. Does Doodle have demonstrable advantages over a central calendaring tool? Does Voicethread increase student learning?
  • Develop a metric representing the ratio of campus standards based cloud computing to un-vetted services.
  • Monitor number of users of key cloud services and develop measures of the adoption rate of centralized services and the level of satisfaction of downstream data users and data owners.
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