Support for Teachers and Learners

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Major Issue:

The growing presence of technology on campus and in the everyday lives of faculty and students presents new challenges and possibilities for providing support for teaching and learning. As the campus determines how best to move forward, a number of concerns should be considered, such as the need for: high-quality, easy-to-use tools that meet demonstrated teaching and learning needs; support for technology use that emphasizes teaching and learning; scalable and flexible support models that take into consideration needs that are different by discipline or unit and that may change over time; a better understanding of and ability to meet the support needs of students.

Specific Recommendations:

  1. Ensure Usability of Tools, Systems, and Spaces
  2. Align Support with Local and Changing Needs
  3. Provide Better Support for Students
  4. Facilitate Effective Support across campus through Partnering


Evaluation of this plan is straightforward. Success can be measured by the change in perceptions and attitudes of (1) faculty, staff, and students, (2) staff of programs across campus that support teaching and learning. The recommendations of this plan aim to create an environment in which support can achieve excellence. As the technology environment changes over the next 5 years, other specific actions may emerge as equally effective. This evaluation mechanism allows the campus to remain flexible with regard to specific decisions that may be needed in the future.

A campus-wide committee with minority representation from technology-centered support units (whether central and local) should be formed. Using this plan as its guide, this committee should identify measurable indicators for assessing achieved success over time. The committee should determine a methodology for gathering and analyzing data on an annual or bi-annual basis. The committee should report the results of the study publicly to the campus. (An example of an existing committee with a similar charge is the Chancellor's Committee on Women.)

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