University of Colorado at Boulder

Information Technology Strategic Plan 2006—Chapter 4: Central Services

Chapter Lead: Linda Drake

Major Issue:

How do we foster innovation and efficiency into our IT services?


4.1 Technologies to Improve Workflow (Secure Email & Digital Signatures)

Linda Drake or Jon Giltner
(Tabolt designee e.g. Michele Van Pelt)

What secure email, digital signature and workflow services should the campus provide centrally to improve business processes on campus?

4.2 E-Commerce (Standards & Policies for Credit Cards, E-Checks, etc.)

Dennis Maloney
(Tabolt designee e.g. Michele Van Pelt)

What policies, standards, and enforcements will provide a secure e-commerce environment?

4.3 IT Infrastructures for New Applications

Dennis Maloney

Are there areas on campus (e.g. campus internal and external communications, student recruitment, admissions, and CU Foundation) that need new IT application services to reach key audiences? What are the implications for ITS?

4.4 Printing

Jon Giltner

Examine the current governance structure, responsibilities, and model and recommend a sustainable model.

4.5 Email Policies & Efficiency

Linda Drake

To what extent, and how, should the campus centralize departmental email services?

4.6 Monitoring Implications of Enterprise Systems on Local Applications

Linda Drake

The campus must continually monitor the impacts of a new SIS on applications such as the portal.

4.7 Central Web Content Management

Jon Giltner

What services should be provided centrally for campus-wide web content and hosting?

4.8 Central Storage & Services for Sensitive Data

Dave Bodnar

What central services should be provided for storage and provision of sensitive data (linked to information architecture)?

4.9 Assistive Technology & Accessibility

Deb Keyek-Franssen & Howard Kramer

How can the campus continue to improve providing access to facilities and technology support for individuals with disabilities?

4.10 Aggregated Licensing

Mike Matthies

What software licenses should be provided centrally?

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