University of Colorado at Boulder

Information Technology Strategic Plan 2006—Chapter 1: Academic Technology

Chapter Lead: Deb Keyek-Franssen

Major Issue:

How do we best provide and support technology to enhance teaching, learning and research?


1.1 Learning Management Systems

Mark Werner
R L Widmann

How do we provide the best support infrastructure for our campus LMS; how to we determine which system to use; how can we enhance our existing LMS (through third-party add-ons, power links, best practices templates, SRSes, etc.); are e-portfolios integrated into LMS; and w hat should the campus’ response be to the fact that we have multiple, and distributed LMS’ on campus (i.e. LON-CAPA, TWEN, Moodle, etc)?

1.2 Classroom Technology

Dave Bodnar
Mike Grant (or designee)

How do we provide for adequate renewal and replacement? How should the campus respond to evolutions in classroom technologies and pedagogies? What is the percentage of classrooms that should be technology-based?

1.3 Student Mobile Computing

Deb Keyek-Franssen
Scott Peppet

What mobile IT devices should we recommend or require for students? How would this impact and potentially alter our strategies for computer labs and classrooms?

1.4 Campus Use of Technology - Enhanced Spaces

Deb Keyek-Franssen
Diane Sieber
Noah Finkelstein

How do we provide and support a culture of innovative uses of educational technologies on campus, using the ATLAS Center as a primary model? 

1.5 Research Computing Needs

Bobby Schnabel/Dennis Maloney
Stein Sture or
Fred Pampel

Should the campus provide any centralized hardware and/or support for research computing, such as for cluster computing or grids? Should the campus implement a tiered networking service for higher bandwidth needs?

1.6 New Technologies in Support

of Learning

Deb Keyek-Franssen, Mark Werner
Jenny Whitcomb (Education)

How should the campus provide and support web-based learning tools (e.g., podcasting, blogging, wikis, streaming video/audio)?

1.7 Digital Repositories

Lynn Lickteig (Architecture & Planning)
or Elaine Paul (Art & Art History),
Deb Keyek-Franssen

How should the campus provide and support services such as digital asset management and institutional repositories?

1.8 Collaborative Learning Tools (e.g. Clickers)

Ken Schuetz
Mike Dubson

Should the campus provide a centrally supported student response system for learning spaces, and should it adopt a single student response system?

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