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Information Technology Strategic Plan Project

On request of Chancellor Byyny, the University of Colorado at Boulder is currently developing an Information Technology (IT) Strategic Plan. The Project's focus is to create and maintain effective and responsive IT infrastructure and service delivery systems for the Boulder campus based on users' needs. The Plan will integrate prior planning efforts with additional input from faculty, students and staff. The infrastructure and service delivery designs will support the future use of information technology for instructional, research and public service activities. This process is complementary to program initiatives involving IT, such as ATLAS and ASP.

Develop a comprehensive IT Strategic Plan which ensures the availability, support, effective management and required funding for IT resources and capabilities that properly support the campus' core mission, special characteristics and values.

Process Objectives
Outcome Objectives

Faculty, Staff--We Need Your Ideas
We want to draw on your insights and experiences to identify ways we can provide enhanced information technology tools, services and support to you. CLICK below to find more in-depth information about our planning process and the future possibilities for IT in higher education.



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