Information Technology Strategic Plan 2010

In 2010 campus IT leaders solicited the opinions and expertise of faculty, staff and students to examine the plans and priorities for the use of information technology in support of the mission for CU-Boulder. The process involved over 200 individuals who served on committees or focus groups, authored subsections, participated in surveys, or reviewed chapters of the report.

Phase One of the IT Strategic Plan is now complete. Phase Two has begun and specific recommendations are now being acted on, along with vetting this plan to the Faculty, Staff and Students.


Executive Summary

Summary of the Report

The results of the planning efforts are a four chapter report, comprising 16 subsections. The four chapters are:

Teaching and Learning

Shared Resources and Support

Collaboration and Partnerships

Governance, Budget and Communications

This website also includes additional helpful documentation:

The report and its component parts are posted as pdf documents. You need Adobe Acrobat to access them. Click here to go to Adobe's download page.

For questions about ITSP, please contact Marin Stanek by email at or phone at 303-735-5225.