Our program is designed to educate both working professionals and full-time graduate students who seek a wide ranging set of careers within the telecom industry. A master’s degree in telecom engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder, prepares students academically for careers with a long-term employment outlook. ITP uniquely offers education which includes experience in engineering, business, and policy integrated into one degree. As you consider higher education, ask yourself:
  • Am I looking to advance my career in a technological field?
  • Am I a problem-solver?
  • Do I enjoy hands-on lab experiences?
  • Do I want to learn more and enhance my salary?
  • Do I want to be part of the growing fields of cybersecurity, Software-defined Networking (SDN) or Software-defined Radios (SDR)?
Many ITP students have educational backgrounds in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, but our program allows for students from other backgrounds to succeed as well. We strongly encourage students from other backgrounds to apply:
  • Military Personnel & Veterans
  • People with an interest in telecom policy, strategy and standards
  • People with a passion for technology who possess non-engineering undergraduate degrees. 
ITP offers Concurrent MS/BS degrees with CU Departments of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering.
Additionally, ITP offers Dual Master's Level degrees with the CU Leeds School of Business (MBA), CU College of Engineering and Applied Science, Engineering Management (MS), and CU Law School (JD).