Our PhD program is on-campus only.

The ITP Doctoral Program is designed for highly motivated students seeking to conduct research at the intersections of traditional telecommunications technology, economics and policy disciplines. ITP PhD students learn the necessary skills to conduct research, along with a focused study plan on the specific technical areas of their interests, often mirroring one of the established areas of research in the program such as broadband networking, wireless, policy, and cybersecurity.

Applicants may have already earned a master's degree or have substantial work experience in the private or public sectors, working in information communications, telecommunications, or multimedia technology fields. They may also be high-achieving students straight from undergraduate study who will earn an MS as they progress toward a PhD degree.

Students are expected to successfully complete 30 credits of graduate level coursework, and 30 credits of doctoral dissertation, in order to fulfill the requirements for a PhD degree from ITP.

For more information, please refer to the Graduate Student Handbook.