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ITP Spring Colloquium

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Location: Wolf Law Building
2450 Kittredge Loop Road
Boulder, Colorado 80309

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0800  –  Morning Breakfast

0830 – 0900 – ITP Faculty Welcome & Opening Keynote


David Reed, Faculty Director, ITP, CU Boulder

Opening Keynote:

Anthony Neal-Graves, Executive Director of the Colorado Broadband Office, State of Colorado 

0900 – 1000 – Capstone Projects – Student Presentations

Capstone Projects presented by second-year ITP students.  Capstone project title, in order of appearance: 

- Self Healing Network System (SHNS)

- Creation of VM Agent to Perform First Hop Forwarding

- Software Defined Backbone

- Decision-Making Systems Driven by Big Data Telemetry for SDN & Traditional Networks

- Cloud Networking at Application Layer

- Visually Represented, Intent-Based, Voice-Assisted Networking

1000 – 1015 – Morning Break

1015 – 1115 – Capstone Projects –  Student Presentations – Continued

- SDN/NFV for Public Safety

- Securing the CU Boulder Enterprise Network with Flow-Based Analysis

- The Social Impact of Broadband

- SuperFREQ

- LTE Wireless Communications Testbed

1115 – 1215 – Networking Lunch & Capstone Poster Demonstrations

Following second-year ITP students’ morning Capstone Project presentations, students will host poster presentations and table-top demonstrations, allowing industry attendees to interact with graduating students, learn more about students’ Capstone Projects, and demo students’ designs.

1215 – 1345 – Industry Perspectives on New Technologies & Hiring Needs

ITP works diligently with industry to develop a curriculum that graduates students well-prepared for careers in network engineering, wireless network engineering, network security, and communications policy & strategy.

To facilitate dialogue among attendees from industry, ITP faculty, and students on the new technologies that are transforming networks, business models, and the delivery of new services, panels will host industry professionals for discussions on the latest technologies and associated hiring needs.

1215 – 1245 – A Discussion on the Ongoing Disaggregation Across the Management, Control & Data Planes

The adoption of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) has ushered an era of open, programmable, and distributed networks that have lowered network operational costs while increasing network automation and customer-centric provisioning of network resources. This panel will discuss both the current technologies and open source community initiatives that are driving further disaggregation within carrier and webscale companies’ network environments as well as the current and future challenges that carrier and webscale companies face as they transition to fully software-based network environments.


- Max Mehech, Manager, Software Testing, ARISTA

- Bill Walker, Director of Network Architecture, CenturyLink

Paul Kofoid, Senior Consulting Engineer, Security & Cloud, Advanced Solutions Technology, Juniper Networks


Levi Perigo, Scholar in Residence, CU Boulder 

1245 – 1315 – What Network Virtualization Means for the Evolution of the EPC and Mobile Network Deployments

Who and what constitutes as a mobile network operator (MNO) is becoming less clear as new entrants to the mobile space have begun to deploy their own mobile wireless technologies and services. This panel will discuss the current evolution of core wireless network architectures and technologies, moving from once vendor-dependent wireless network architectures to networks that leverage virtualization, affording non-traditional wireless network operators the means to enter the mobile wireless services sector and the scalability required for future wireless use cases that require higher data-rates and lower latency.


- Shane Newberg, VP Wireless Core Engineering, Charter Communications

Nitin J. Shah, Principal Innovator, Nokia Bell Labs

Michael Reed, Wireless Hardware Technical Program Manager, Facebook 


Dan McVaugh, President, Colorado Wireless Association (COWA)

1315 – 1345 –  Addressing Omni-Directional Threat Vectors via a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Cybersecurity


Michael Glenn, VP, Security Technologies, CableLabs

Jamey Heary, GSAT Leader – Global Security Architecture Team, Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems


- Daniel Massey, Professor of Computer Science, CU Boulder

1345 – 1400 – Afternoon Break

1400 – 1600 – ITP Advisory Committee Breakouts

During these breakout meetings, invited ITP Advisory Committee members will meet with their respective ITP track-specific advisory committees, each aligned with ITP’s curriculum related to:

- Network Engineering
- Network Security & Cybersecurity
- Wireless Networking
- Communications Policy & Strategy
These committee member-led discussions will be facilitated by ITP faculty, affording committee members from industry to provide input on topics such as how ITP can best develop and structure ITP’s track-specific curriculum, collaborate with industry on research, and ways to foster internship and career opportunities for ITP students and graduates. Breakout meetings will be hosted concurrently.
1600 – 1630 – Closing Comments from ITP Faculty

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