Our Purpose:

To strengthen links to industry and business affilliates which provides funding for relevant projects for faculty and students, and helps define new areas of study that are relevant to our changing world.

Industry and public-sector collaboration is the key to our success. One way we've opened doors to industry is through Advisory Committees. Our members serve as ambassadors, creating direct recruitment channels with technology leaders. Industry involvement offers experience and practical knowledge to our students and jobs to our graduates. Our network of alumni are also industry affilliates and provide not only guidance to students in their career choices but help them identify funding and job opportunities. ITP students have maintained a very high job placement rate over the last 10 years with industry affiliate support. For more information, contact itpadmin@colorado.edu.

ITP has a new vision that will align and position the program for the next 10 years.  It will effectively deliver unique and high quality education and research in the interdisciplinary telecom arena.  Raising enough funds to achieve this target will help ITP implement a plan to address the development of new education tracks, new interdisciplinary courses, a modernized Telecom Lab, and a powerful new research program.  ITP began implementation of some aspects of this plan, notably establishing new Ph.D. funding and modernizing the Telecom Lab in 2015.  Full implementation of the vision will be made possible through donations to ITP and the College. 


The next step in the Strategic Vision will support two endowed chairs for ITP.  First, the Frank Barnes Chair (named after ITP co- founder Frank Barnes) will support teaching, research and scholarly leadership on interdisciplinary telecom issues, and will be responsible for both research in this area and the development of the interdisciplinary senior undergraduate courses.  Second, the Hatfield chair, a joint appointment between the Law School and ITP, will focus on technology and policy research. The chair holders will be able to address important issues in the communications arena that have overlapping components in public policy, economics and the capabilities of current technology.  

We have some exciting news to share with you that will have a major impact on the future of ITP.  Due to the extraordinary generosity of Elaine Baskin and Ken Krechmer, ITP has received a gift of $4 million to fund ITP’s first endowed chair. The Jack Baskin Endowed Chair in Technical Interoperability and Standards will be funded in perpetuity from this gift. We very much thank Elaine and Ken’s leadership in establishing this funding to ITP.  This major gift creates the opportunity for ITP to develop an endowment and take on new initiatives in support of the program mission. The Baskin/Krechmer gift is the first contribution towards a larger $10 million fundraising initiative.  In short, we’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to generate additional funds that would enable us to support promising students and develop new fields as the telecom industry evolves.

ITP partners on CU Campus and more:

  • Interdisciplinary research center at the University of Colorado Law School. Silicon Flatirons' core mission is to elevate the debate surrounding technology policy issues; support and enable entrepreneurship in the technology community; and inspire, prepare, and place students in these important areas. In fulfilling this mission, Silicon Flatirons serves as a source for new ideas, a forum for in-depth discussions and research, as well as a valuable campus platform for the technology community.
  • The purpose of the Telecom Student Organization (TSO) is to serve as a forum for Graduate Interdisciplinary Telecom Students for discussion and activities related to Corporate and Faculty Relations, Curriculum Advice, Events Management and Merchandise Acquisition. The TSO shall serve to benefit the students, university administration and industry members alike acting as a liaison to each of the parties mentioned. The TSO strives to holistically improve the ITP program as a cradle of growth for future Telecom professionals ranging across engineering, business and regulatory paradigms.

  • RASEI is a Joint institute between the University of Colorado Boulder (CU-Boulder) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) addressing important, complex problems in energy that require a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional approach. Its mission is to expedite solutions that transform energy by advancing renewable energy science, engineering, and analysis through research, education, and industry partnerships.


 To learn more about the CU Office of Industry Collaboration, visit http://www.colorado.edu/industry/industry.