PhotoNameContact Information
Ken Baker Photo Ken Baker
Scholar in Residence
Research Interest: Dynamic Spectral Reuse
(303) 492-3493
Frank Barnes Photo Frank Barnes
Distinguished Professor • Professor Emeritus
(303) 492-8225
brad bernthal Brad Bernthal
Associate Professor
(303) 492-0610
Lijun Chen's photo Lijun Chen
Assistant Professor
Research Interest: Complex Networked Systems
(303) 492-4383
Charles Cook Photo Charles Cook
(720) 262-3801
Mark Dehus' photo Mark Dehus
(303) 735-6275
Jeff DiMaio Jeff DiMaio
Jill Dupre's photo Jill Dupre
(303) 859-3900
Kevin's updated photo Kevin Epperson
Harvey Gates' photo Harvey Gates
Adjunct Associate Professor
Kevin Gifford Kevin K. Gifford
Scholar In Residence
(303) 735-4536
Sangtae's photo Sangtae Ha
Assistant Professor
Research Interest: Network and Distributed Systems
(303) 492 - 7031
dale hatfield Dale Hatfield
Professor Adjunct
(303) 492-6648
cj herman CJ Herman
(303) 492-4243
James Lansford's photo James Lansford
(719) 286-9277
Joemcmanus Joe McManus
Scholar in Residence
Ray Nettleton's photo Ray Nettleton
Associate Professor Adjunct
(303) 809-4223
Levi Perigo's photo Levi Perigo
Scholar in Residence
Research Interest: Internetworking Technologies
(303) 735-5131
David Reed's Photo David Reed
Faculty Director of the Interdisciplinary Telecom Program
Research Interest: Telecommunications technology
(303) 492-1457
Blake Reid's photo Blake Reid
Assistant Professor
(303) 492-0548
Jose Santos' photo Jose Santos
Lab Director / Senior Instructor
(303) 735-0102
Scott Savage Scott Savage
Associate Professor
(303) 735-1165
John Scarano's photo John Scarano
(303) 829-0727
Thomas Schwengler Thomas Schwengler
Tim Smit's photo Tim Smit
(206) 999-5361
Martin Taschdjian's photo Martin Taschdjian
(303) 674-0672
Dean Phil Weiser Phil Weiser
(303) 735-2733
Steve Wildman's photo Steve Wildman
Associate Professor Adjunct