Published: Feb. 9, 2017

The ITP Seminar Series was held on Wednesday, February 8th presented by Margaret Pinson, project leader of the Video Quality Research Program, Co-Chair of the Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) and an Associate Rapporteur of Questions 2 and 12 in ITU-T Study Group 9. She emphasized Cisco's forecast:

“Globally, IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020, up from 70 percent in 2015...Internet video surveillance traffic will increase tenfold between 2015 and 2020."

margaret pinsonThe topics include the following:

  • Methods to assess human perceptions of video quality
  • Tools for human testing, quality of service (QoS) metrics, and metrics
  • Quality problems that law enforcement officers encounter when using video surveillance
  • Challenge for future systems in maximizing the chance of solving crimes while minimizing labor and data costs

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