Published: Sept. 27, 2016
ITP has undergone a major lab remodel with state-of-the-art results! The Telecom Lab is your unique gateway to the best hands-on educational experience of any graduate networking program. Students enrolled in the Telecom Systems Lab course enjoy individual access to equipment, which equates to their own rack of network components for the entire semester. Every student graduating from the Network Engineering track will spend, on average, 300 hours building, configuring and troubleshooting network equipment/solutions. In addition, they have the ability to program on this equipment using their Unix and Python courseware.
ITPLab2016 wires copy1
ITP and contributing vendor partners have made significant investments over the last year to upgrade the Telecom Lab facility. Some of the highlights include:
  • Multiple racks of equipment dedicated to student training and research in the areas of Enterprise/ Service Provider, Cloud and SDN networking.
  • An incredible 400 amps of power and 18 tons of eco-friendly cooling in a data center supporting our educational objective of the best hands-on networking curriculum.
  • More than 1000 hardware components representing equipment from multiple industry partners which include routers, switches, wireless access points, VoIP, White boxes, servers (standalone and cloud).
  • Dedicated workstations via an adjacent lab room to manage and learn how networks actually work.
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Our hands-on training, using industry-grade components, has been and remains to be a key competency of our educational offering. In the Lab, ITP students use equipment from multiple vendors which provides valuable industry experience to satisfy flexible career options. Students can emulate most Datacenter, ISP and Enterprise network services using a live, test environment.

Through industry collaboration, our lab has received significant donations in-kind from some of the top IT companies in the market (visit our donor page). These donations of equipment, computing and software resources allow us to pair our educational offering to resemble typical network configurations used in industry. Our industry partners work closely with ITP to create the most current and diverse networking environment as they understand the importance of investing in the next generation labor force by investing in ITP students.