Published: March 18, 2020

Residence Halls, Bear Creek Apartments, & On Campus Dining 

As of Monday, March 16, 2020, in order to slow the public health threat, the university is asking students residing on campus in residence halls or Bear Creek apartments to begin the process of checking out of the on campus housing and moving back to their permanent homes. Graduate & Family Housing remains open and people living there are still subject to the terms of their lease.  

However, the university is aware that you may not be able to return home at this time due to limited flights, entry restrictions, and/or the COVID-19 situation in your home country. Therefore, for students in these situations, room and board on campus will continue to be available. If you are living in the residence hall or Bear Creek apartments, please complete this online form immediately so that the university knows if you intend to continue living there and if you will need food on campus during Spring Break. Campus Dining Services will provide grab-and-go meals in select campus dining facilities for any residence hall student who stays over the break. To access spring break meals, you must complete the form. 

The On & Off Campus Living section of the university’s Coronavirus Updates and Resources webpage has detailed information about on campus housing including about housing refunds as well as advice for students living off campus. Housing and Dining Services will be sharing additional detailed information soon for those who are unable to leave campus and need to stay in residence halls or Bear Creek apartments.