Meet the Fleet

The "Robust Autonomous Airborne Vehicle - Endurant and Nimble" aircraft system. Avionics stack for full fetured RAAVEN PDBcapable of multi-instrument meterological sensor package and support computing measurements. 

  • Aircraft mass: 3.8 lbs (1.720 kg)

  • Endurance: 2 hours

  • Wing span: ~ 2 meters

Design Specifications:

BST Wind Probe and VectorNav 200/300, Pixhawk GPS and Magetometer, Vailala RS-41, Other Sensors TBD, Logger/Telemetry Unit

Linked Projects: TORUS

Ground Cars

The Mobile UAS Research Collaboratory (MURC) supports nomadic field deployments. The MURC is a ground vehicle customized to carry aircraft, communication, and computational hardware. Major features of the MURC include:

  • Electronically steerable antenna that supports communication to multiple aircraft simultaneously 
  • Ruggedized server racks for data storage and high-performance computing to run environmental models and process data in the field
  • Operator and end-user stations for operations of up to 6 aircraft simultaneously