INVST offers several resources to those who take action towards justice and sustainability. We have assembled the following resources with our alumni in mind. Please click on each one to download a helpful resource, and feel free to connect with us if you'd like even more support in the communities where you lead:

Facilitation Resources

Facilitation Skills Toolkit, a summary of Sam Kaner's chapters

Sam Kaner chapters on participatory decision-making

Sam Kaner chapters on creating agendas and following through in between meetings

Sam Kaner chapters on difficult dynamics in groups

Skillful Communication Resources

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Conflict Resolution Resources

A Plethora of Links to Other Organizations' Sample Lesson Plans and Curricula

A collection of resources on communication, conflict resolution & running effective meetings in coops

Additional Resources on Leadership and Service-Learning

If you are in Colorado, we invite you to visit our office, where you will find job announcements, postings on community events and calls for volunteers. Our Peace Room was created by the INVST Community Leadership Program class of 1997-1999. Anyone is welcome to use the resources in the Peace Room, which is located in our office on the CU-Boulder campus at 1201 17th Street, Suite 11. Please call ahead to check staff hours, at 303-492-8045 or 303-492-7719.