LeaderShops provide free, interactive, virtual sessions in the form of a monthly workshop open to all students on campus, and personalized workshops for student organizations. 

What is a LeaderShop?

  • It’s a fun and innovative approach to leadership development through a workshop!  

  • Through CU GOLD, LeaderShops condense leadership knowledge into enjoyable activities and interactive discussions.  

  • Each month, LeaderShops will teach a new and exciting aspect of leadership and its importance.  

  • We believe in the power of leadership, and extend the opportunity to learn to all students on campus.  

Upcoming LeaderShops

March 3 – Effective Communication & Networking 6-7 p.m. MST

  •  If you would like to learn about networking and how to engage in networking throughout your professional and personal life, consider joining us for this LeaderShop! Our LeaderShop will include activities and discussions about communication in networking, what it looks like in your professional life, and how to successfully engage in networking conversations!
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March 31 – Team-Building 6-7 p.m. MDT

  • If you would like to learn about team building and how to engage with others to create a productive team environment, consider joining us for this LeaderShop! Our Team Building LeaderShop will include activities and discussions about team-building, the importance of problem-solving and how to successfully navigate the roles of leadership!  
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April 8 – Creating Change 5-6 p.m. MDT

  •  If you would like to learn about how to effectively impact and change your community, workplace or life, consider joining us for this LeaderShop! Our LeaderShop will include activities and discussions about change, what it is, what it looks like and steps to accomplish change in your own life!
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LeaderShops for Student Organizations

Our workshops focus on helping student organizations grow in areas including time management, running effective meetings, leadership skills development and more. These sessions will help your student organization get organized, plan cohesive events and retain membership.

LeaderShops are:

  • free to all student organizations

  • available throughout the academic year

  • 45 minutes to one hour long, but can be tailored to meet a student organization’s needs

  • designed for groups of five to 40 participants and can be adjusted to fit a student organization's needs

  • using all materials provided by CU GOLD

  • facilitated by trained CU GOLD staff or volunteers

Interested in signing up for a FREE workshop? Complete the registration form below at least three weeks prior to the requested workshop date:

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Leadership Styles  
Learn your leadership strengths through the Student Leadership Practices Assessment. After discovering your unique leadership style, learn how you relate to the other leadership styles and what dynamic you personally bring to the group.

Effective Communication  
This workshop will emphasize the importance of communication and gives guidance to students about how to effectively communicate with other group members.

Discover your core values and learn how values influence the decisions you or your group make.

Team Building
This fun and highly interactive workshop will allow groups to learn more about one another while building a good foundation of teamwork.

Meeting Management  
Wasting time in unorganized meetings? This workshop will help your group to organize meetings with tips for group facilitation, planning fail proof agendas and learning to manage difficult group dynamics.

Fish! How to be the best catch by choosing your attitude!  
Do you have what it takes to motivate others around you? Participants learn the four principles of the Seattle Fish Market to bring excitement, energy and fun to any group.

Networking Made Easy  
How do you meet people that can make a difference in your career? Gain knowledge of manageable networking practices that can help your job or internship search.

Mission and Vision Statements  
A vision statement is a compelling, bold and transforming future picture for an organization while a mission statement serves to clearly state the purpose of the organization. This workshop will guide your student group to produce a well-rounded mission and vision statement.

Goal Setting  
Educate both yourself and your student group on goal setting – what creates a viable goal and how do we attain it? Then, set goals for both yourself and your group.