Travel is also a very important aspect for many organizations. Student travel is also one of the most complex processes because there are many guidelines that regulate student travel. As the advisor, you can support them in their travel process by assisting them with planning and booking travel experiences.

General Process for Student Travel:

  1. Speak with CSI Liaison about the details of your travel
  2. Collect prices for registration, lodging, transportation, and meal costs
  3. Complete travel funding requests forms for the proper funding boards
  4. Have funding requests reviewed by CSI Liaison
  5. Submit funding request forms to proper boards
  6. Attend funding hearing at scheduled time and date
  7. Once funds are allocated, meet with Terri about using allocated funds to pay for travel
  8. Book travel, including registration, lodging, and transportation
  9. Participate in the travel experience
  10. Once returned, submit any receipts to CSI for reimbursement

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